Sold all of my bitcoin

Started from 1BTC about 2 years ago, I had traded it on BTC-e and Bitfinex, then increased to 5.78BTC. But recently I sold it all.


A few months ago my total balance was around $ 1200, but the price has been fluctuating for these several months, and I didn’t miss that chance. My balance exceeded over $2000 lately, and very recently the price went up more.

bitcoin chart daily
Bitcoin Daily Chart (March 1, 2016)

I asked 5.78BTC at 538,500 KRW on Bithumb (formerly xcoin) and went out for a drink. The next day I found out that the transaction was made. and I withdraw it to my bank account. but my credit card company took it all.

I wish I had bitcoin for the rest of my life. But these days my financial status is not good. so I sold it all.

If I become affluent again, I will buy the bitcoin back.
I hope the price will not go up too high until then.

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