I encountered a problem when I tried to get my PayPal account certificated via AMEX card.

The valid date of my registered credit card on Paypal was over. So, I tried to a new card on PayPal few days ago. Every time I make a payment on global internet market, they always charge me one dollar fee to validate the card. Of course, it is cancelled soon, and refunded.

In case of PayPal, they charge additional 1.95 dollar as a way of identifying the owner of the card. and users should enter 4 numbers which is sent via their mobile phone.

Enter PayPal Code

Enter PayPal code. You need to enter a 4-digit PayPal code.

Usually Visa or MasterCard send Paypal code number in the SMS upon approval of transaction.

MasterCard approved 1.95 dollars abroad to take advantage of the Shinhan card co., Ltd.

Samsung sent a letter from AMEX card number did not try to register for MasterCard, kindly, the letters contain four digits immediately.

But the American Express Card didn’t. I received only the text MARK PAYPAL PPPL, not numbers which should appear as PP*xxxxCODE.

Samsung card overseas approved characters. MARK PAYPAL PPPL USD 1.95

Transaction notification message. There is no numbers, just MARK PAYPAL PPPL.

So, I log on to the Samsung card homepage and searched. but I couldn’t find the numbers.

Samsung card overseas transactions identified in the homepage

card transaction history on Samsung card web page.

I waited for several hours, and logged on again. but there was no difference. So, I was wondering that what will happen my money. the 1.95 dollar just disappear? but I believed they will refund someday, and registered another MasterCard.

When I started to forget my poor 1.95 dollars, I suddenly logged on to the web page and figured out how much my billing will be this month. I stumble upon a 4-digit number in my transaction history.


Finally I found the number

I guess the number doesn’t appear right after, it takes several days to appear. Anyway it worked well.

Check message authentication

Welcome message ‘ Thank you ‘. And $ 1.95 would be refunded within 24 hours.

Samsung AMEX card has an advantage of low currency exchange fee, but they don’t in this kind of jobs. I think this is the problem of all AMEX card not only at Samsung card. Anyway the problem solved and register the card as my primary card.

If you’re in a hurry to make a payment via PayPal, please register early, when especially via AMEX card.

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